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MES Innovation Sdn Bhd is an innovative company specializing in the research, development, marketing and support of Civil Engineering Design Software. We are looking for great developers to build the next generation engineering tools and revolutionize the way engineers work.

As a company co-founded by developers, we understand what it takes to build great software. We understand that the a developer is not just another cog in the machine that can be replaced at will. Thus we strive to provide an environment where the programmers can actually get their work done and be compensated fairly. If you are enthusiastic about programming, and you think that you write code very well, and you care about code hygiene, come, join us!

For those who are interested, please email in your source code/fyp projects along with your job application to [email protected], we love to see code before we talk to you.

For more information about MES Innovation Sdn Bhd, please visit http://www.mes100.com.


Junior Software Development Engineer

(i-City, Shah Alam)


  • Winform and WPF development, autocad-like UI application development.
  • AutoCAD drawing automation and 3D graphic display.
  • Design and implement data structures, complex algorithms to solve interesting engineering problems faced by engineers in innovative ways, in your ways.




Why you should work with us:

  • Conductive environment for developers to think about hard problems. A chance to challenge the best of your mind.
  • Group Hospitalisation Coverage (Medical Card)+accident care benefit.
  • 5 days week.
  • We detest overtime as much as you do; we don’t want you to commit 16 hours a day, and spend a few weeks later to fix the bugs you introduce when you are overtired.
  • No office suit, free snacks and relaxing working environment.

Some of Our Projects:

Remote Support

Team Viewer

JPS MSMA Workshop

No upcoming event.

MiTS & MES Modules Software Training

  • Mon

    MAY 2017 Software Training

    9:30 am

    MES Innovation Training Room

  • Mon

    JUNE 2017 Software Training

    9:30 am

    MES Innovation Training Room

  • Mon

    JULY 2017 Software Training

    9:30 am

    MES Innovation Training Room

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