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MiTS 2

  • Full 3D integrated design across all modules in one single user interface.
  • Google Earth point & elevation imports
  • Auto pick up OGL, PL & slope level
  • Real-time verification
  • Improve working speed by 80% over the previous version
  • Better visualization, more accurate design & enjoys better coordination
  • Clash analysis between Water, Sewer & Drain in 3D
  • View & edit directly entity clash in 3D


  • Integrates and synchronises design changes across a single model and automatically update between Earthworks, Storm Drainage System, Sewerage System, Water Reticulation System & Road Design.
  • Pipe Clash Checking between Water, Sewerage & Storm Drainage systems to resolve conflicts.
  • Deliver consistent multi-disciplinary design calculation, drawings & construction documentation.
  • Better visualization, more accurate design and enjoys better coordination.


  • Auto generates cross section output and all information needed for submission.
  • Imports and traces surveyor drawing (dxf & dwg)’s existing ground levels, which are spot level points/ contour lines/even texts without any z coordinates.
  • Auto calculates cut & fill areas & volumes; Auto generates super elevation transitions.
  • Follow Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) guideline.


  • Auto design drain channels for open drains and culverts.
  • Auto proposes drain sizes, catchment areas, IDF intensities, run-off coefficients, gradients and invert levels.
  • Auto generates graphical output with all information needed by JPS.
  • Auto generates longitudinal section, sump detailing and quantity take off.


  • Auto interpolation between the original ground levels to extra ground levels.
  • Digital Terrain Method and Grid System; Proposes platform levels with slopes or retaining walls.
  • Auto sloping and berm generation; 2D cut/fill area, 3D contour and 3D platform level view.
  • Auto generates longitudinal sections, cut/fill reports, volume and quantity take off.


  • Hardy-Cross Method and Hazen-Williams Formula
  • Graphical nodes and pipes input; Looping and Branching design for peak flow and fire flow.
  • Follow Malaysia Local Authorities requirement; Auto calculates water demand.
  • Auto iteration for the most economical pipes diameter.
  • Auto generates graphical outputs with all information needed by local authorities.


  • Covers Rainfall IDF, Temporal Pattern and Time Area Method, Rational Method, Level Pool Routing, Pond Sizing with detailing and Outlets design.
  • Graphical pond and main drain input; Multiple ponds design.
  • Auto generates ponds detailing and quantity take off.
  • Auto generates report, graphical outputs with all information needed by JPS Malaysia.


  • Graphical manholes and pipes input.
  • Auto calculates Population Equivalent (PE).
  • Auto proposes pipes diameter, gradient, invert level and drop manhole.
  • Auto generates graphical outputs with all information needed by IWK.
  • Auto generates longitudinal section, manhole detailing and quantity take off.




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